A Knock on the Dentist’s Door!!

Not all experiences in life are pleasant- this was the muffler of assurance I wore on that morning when a pain in my nascent wisdom tooth called for a visit to the dentist.

My dentist puffed me a little as to what a brave girl I was and smiled to say that he had hands of a prestidigator. Don’t worry, he’s not a tyro, I told myself.

He injected me with an anesthesia which made my head gyrate to the tune of “twinkle, twinkle little star.” Then he performed some silly antics with his hopefully sterilized instruments and got into a conversation with my brother who had accompanied me. I could see a queer smile in my brother’s eyes. Queer because it emanated from the joy of discovery that I would shut my mouth for a couple of hours.

The doctor then forwarded us to a compounder who was found to be in gross dereliction of his duties watching India- Sril lanka ODI. Expediently, I disturbed him by presenting the doctor’s prescription to which he reacted as if I had impinged on his right to cricket and entertainment. “is he crazy or is he really crazy”, so I thought.

Anyhow, he told me about one good I- ice cream and three bad P’s – porridge, pain and pain. I believe my wisdom tooth has brought me more pain than wisdom. A pain in the gum!!! which I’ll not forget till amnesia strikes me and I hope it soon does!!!

Cheers !! Soni 🙂