Wannabe !!

When u act carefree and break ur heel

Tremble while walking, still love how u feel

And then u say something as silly as u could

Look surprised at his laugh but u always knew he would

U shy off, fumble and look like a complete flop

He comes close, smiles and ur heart will pop

Then u look away and blush

Joey chuckles and u hush


When he is leaving, u suddenly remember

A business friend told u to get his number

U act all generous and give him urs too

Suddenly hold his hand n compliment his tattoo


He says Miley inspired it, but walked out of his life

U look all concerned, but wonder was she his wife

He sits down and tells u the story

U say ‘I understand’, no need to worry


He tells u, u r sweet

How sweet, anonymously u tweet

But that’s not enough, u have to tell it to ur girl gang

They had their stories and urs come in as a bang

U tell everyone, Oh it all happened by chance!

But actually u were dying for his one glance!


It’s nothing but attention u want my friend!

Ur thoughts and desires had a perfect blend!

But what are u trying to do?

U know u aren’t being true!

Who are u trying to be?

All this is just too wannabe!

What is all this for?

Is it what u want, u sure?


C’mon accept it, it’s not reality

U are acting every second without any clarity

U need to sit down and look into the mirror

face urself and realize it if u are clever

U will shiver and quiver and feel a chill

Let’s see how u tackle it and fight ur will


When u r finally embarrassed enough

I will tell u, what was the bluff

My love, It’s all in ur head

Think about it tonight on ur bed


What u want and what u make

What u get and what u take

All that u do or u don’t do

Is all waste if it makes u blue

Right or wrong, true or false

Does it really matter? Oh ballz!


U work, u earn, u care, u dare

U eat, u drink, u fight, u fare

Happiness is the word

U flutter like a bird

All u do is to get that joy

The ways u use are a lil coy

Life is in this moment, do what u want

If wrong makes u happy, right will only haunt


Let ur thoughts not be shabby

Coz u know what!

It’s okay to be ‘a wannabe happy’!