Emotions !!

“There are always some songs that remind you of someone”, so true!! I thought about it then but I totally agree with it now.

Found myself raking a few memories whilst listening to my daily play list; now it’s weird alright because I could laugh and cry at the same time (cry more). Mixed Emotions yes they are, at the same time it helped me get a reality check. One more miscalculated risk taken, and now I realize it had a very grim chance of success. I have seen the special people in my life change time and again, and now I realize it’s probably because I always chose to be way too honest with them or for that matter give a lot of importance even though they did not deserve it. Crime does not pay and the truth well it makes you pay these days.

Between emotions and ego I prefer to choose the former, I have one life that I am aware of right now and I want to live it in the most possibly satisfied way not regretting to have kept back what I always wanted to say or do. However there comes a situation in life when if things go wrong between two people, it requires an equal effort to set it right again. Staying quiet, not airing ones opinion, FAKING, or hiding the truths are simply catalysts to worsen such a kind of situation. It’s strange these days how apparent FRIENDS turn out to be FOES in disguise. When your emotions and sentiments are being played with and people appreciate in making a fool out of you.

At the end of it all its what one could want, which would stay with you, the hollowness of a namesake friendship or something that was genuine, but just tangled up in misunderstandings, it’s like that li’l game we play with so many strings tangled up in both our hands, it looks horribly complicated but then we just need to pull one string and alls sorted out. Too bad it’s a situation I am going through in real life, yes my hands are tied and there is no way that the strings can be pulled. Not that I want it to now, after knowing I have been cheated. The way I have been treated is horrid. Despite this, I tried sorting things out but to no vain. It’s high time I stop doing this cause every time I have for the people I cared for they have disappointed me by seeing my take as a cause of strife.

I realize what I gave was too much and so I am taking it back with all my dignity. Yes, I can be by myself and become successful. As they say, everyone has their day; I wish my day comes soon. It’s high time now and I have suffered enough.  if destiny ever gets us to meet again in spite of our trying never to it will probably answer the most thought question of why it happened the way it did and maybe deep down for some or the other reason we’d both miss each other……but then as I said IF WE EVER MEET AGAIN…