Dear Me…Love, Me!!

The best thing that that I have liked about myself in this lifetime is to be able to see two sides of a situation perfectly well. Its like I can look at myself doing what I am and watch how my alter ego comes to my rescue. Its so cool when you can be your own guardian angel. I remember how in one of my posts I mentioned the importance of being with oneself at the right time and I am glad am able to execute this thought so well. 

I think we all need a ‘Soul Armour’ today, to say one’s trust has been broken and feel bad about it has become a thing of the stone-age era.  So am picking my own armour to safeguard me, for the times that I know I need to be that tad bit stronger. I hereby promise myself that I will be there for me, because at the end of the day its all about how you see yourself. 

I am a woman with a plan and have learnt that the most important things in life don’t just include being desired by people who make you happy but also include how you know to make yourself happy. So I’ve lived almost a quarter of my life and have been through the much acclaimed ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ through the trial and error method and I feel happy about the fact that I keep getting better at testing myself.

I guess its a Libra thing, or maybe just a me thing! I hope we all find our sole-soul armours and probably life would be a tad bit more cushiony! Cheers! 🙂