The Labyrinth called Adulthood!

I am amazed at how much the human mind is capable to stretch its confines and truly we ourselves are our own source of peace and dissonance. On an another related note, I have also observed how some of us are able to sort out glaring issues for friends, well-wishers and the like easily and well very practically. What baffles me is when as individuals we get stuck in between our very own choices and emotions become the ruling factor. It also makes these issues uncomfortably indispensable when we find ourselves addressing these very choices as being ‘Grown Ups’ or how our society expects us to handle things. Hey I am sure we all got a one shot at this growing up phase! So how come some got it right while the rest went into deep introspection and then BOOM a reality check made its way though the other relatively crazy lot. Shockers anyone? Spoiler alert: Welcome to Life.
Also while we are in this stretch of adulthood, it magically happens that we reach this whole new ‘Marriageable Age’ phase. Trust me you are possibly in the craziest lap of your lives by this time, you have a career to look at, socialize with the right people and then hold your horses whacko, get married..(will you just get a match already!) and thus starts the vicious cycle of never ending decisions and dilemmas. Like someone, get them to meet the family, not sure what your match is, bat an eyelid and the count of matrimonial sites on the cloud is more than the grey hair strands you are probably beginning to get by now.
I have come to terms that running away from decisions is just a procrastination phase bound to go wrong. It’s actually helpful to have a plan in place, know what you want and set a timeline for yourself and not because you were pushed to do so. Cool and clueless do not go hand in glove, neither does cooking and fast food.
2015 is almost down by two months and I am taking this moment to recall what all I have been looking ahead for during the year. I have always believed that the Creator has been very kind to me and has been watchful of my doings. Through Him I can always count on my instincts to guide me during the testing times and while I am pretty sure this year would be nothing less of a roller coaster ride I will be saving my decisions for the better, for when the time comes of taking one of the many grown-up decisions, I hope to take them and lead a meaningful life.
Having said all this in a parallel world I also believe that if your definition of a meaningful life relies on being successful in your career or being the activist of your society who got unwillingly pulled into settling for the monotonous crap of the earth, please do me a favour and say the F word aloud. Yes, you suck just like all the Bigg Boss episodes and I sincerely hope the aliens up there are having a good laugh at you.