Five Ways To Compliment Your Woman

Someone sent me an article
On Facebook once, and it was
One of those vapid listicles
That confuse me with their
Lack of journalistic integrity
But this one caught my eye
Because it was titled ‘Five Ways
To Compliment You Woman’
And the tagline said ‘Does your
Man say these to you everyday?’

Intrigued, I opened it, and read
Through the points, and each
Left me more indignant than
The first because really, if someone
Bothered saying those hollow
Words would annoy me, and
Would leave me doubting all that
I’ve created, and made of
Myself through years of creation
And destruction, and repair.

The first point read ‘Tell her that
Her lipstick looks good before
You kiss it off her.’ No, I’d rather
You tell me how the words my
Lips enunciate make you want to
Know more, and to hear more, and
That you’d not want to kiss me
In forms of aggression, but of
Respect, because you want to
Trace the shadows of what I said.

The second point asked if you
Complimented me on ‘how her
Dress looks good on her.’ No, I’m
Not my appearance, I’m a sum of
Everything that constitutes of
My presence, I’d rather have you
Tell me that you’d know when I
Enter a room because you felt the
Power I exude, and would, irrespective
Of what cloth I adorn myself with.

The third claimed that every woman
Wants to be told how she’s ‘Not
Like every other woman you’ve
Been with’, and this angered me,
Because the women before me,
And those after, are all women in
Their own rights, and to demarcate
Me from my own would be a
Disservice to me, and every single
Woman who made me who I am.

The fourth questioned if I had been
Told how ‘She makes you feel like
You’re the strongest man on earth’
By letting you do little things that
I could, but would rather have you
Do, and this scared me because
My weakness is not your strength,
And my inability is not space for
You to take over my very being, no
Your power does not stem from
The lack of mine, but through it.

The final point preached how all
I want to be told is that ‘She is the
Prettiest woman you know’, because
Apparently all my worth is tied to
How you perceive my hair, and
My body, and my face, no, I’d rather
Be told how I’m the woman you
Respect and adore enough to
Want to stay with her because she
Intrigues you, and makes you
Question all that you held in faith.