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Fusion of flavors from faraway lands

Whether it’s a crispy plateful of Manchurian Vadapav, an irresistible dish of Chicken tikka pizza or pani puris with vodka shots, Pune has officially welcomed fusion foods to its grandeur. A city that boasts of hundreds of restaurants and with a truly diverse and cosmopolitan population to cater to, chefs across the city have started experimenting and putting their thinking hats on to bring us innovative dishes with intermingling flavor that cover a thousand miles.

Speaking of this connoisseur of tastes and the phenomena of fusion foods, an excited sixteen year old Puneite, Prachiti Sharma exclaims, “You can spoil yourself to a chocolate samosa or a Chinese bhel in any corner of this city! What I love about Pune is its ever growing wide variety of food choices and it is truly a heaven for food-lovers like me!”

A visit to the Phoenix Market City food court is enough to dazzle a person of the innumerable options that one encounters these days. Whether it’s a plate of cheese momos or schezuan momos at Momo Stop in Viman Nagar or just a simple plate of quesadillas or nachos at the Phoenix Food Court, the snacking options are limitless. Several assortments and aromatic delicacies will especially lure the food-lover at Malaka Spice in Koregaon Park where the best of the oriental land meets the Indian halfway to concoct portions for the delightful food-lover that is sure to leave one mesmerized.  The lanes of serene green Koregaon Park also harbor Esquisito, an Italian restaurant for vegetarians who leave the Indian spices alive in their Italian and Mexican delicacies.


Mexican food with an Indian blend at Phoenix Market City in Viman Nagar

Chef Aman Shah of Copa Cabbana at Wakad explains, “Fusion food is an art. It gives the chef the ultimate freedom to experiment and there are truly no boundaries! From your naani-maa-ki-recipes to getting inspired by different cultures, we assimilate the ideas from diverse experiences and interactions with different nationalities and bring it alive over a cooking pot!”

Historically, fusion food has always been an integral part of our culture. The all popular Mughlai cuisine that is now found in every nook and corner of this country is a testament to this fact. ‘Khoresh Fesenjan’ is an example of a timeless Indo-Mughlai delicacy that has Persian roots. This dish includes a glazed duck cooked with pomegranate juice and sometimes, the duck is replaced with other meats such as chicken and served on saffron flavored basmati rice which is a typical Hyderabadi style of cooking! The famous “Shaahi Paneer” or the mouth watering “Chicken Tandoori” belong to the same school of cuisine.

With innumerable and exciting choices put on a platter, even the average lay man, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, is lured to give their taste buds a refreshing change! Food-lovers all across the city and innovative chefs with their conspiring minds trying to please our inquisitive taste buds, the phenomena of fusion foods is here to stay and food lovers can look forward to many more mushrooming paan shops in the street corner that serve honeymoon and chocolate paans to your delight!

“Oh, East is east, and West is west, and never the twain shall meet.” But it looks like the fusion culture has altered Rudyard Kipling’s analogy.