The Summer Fish Returns !!

Things are ready to hit the right place…watch out for this space, let this shadow be your guide, if you’re planning to catch this thought, Let me tell you I have never been able to catch mine and I guess that’s what makes my life awesome and me unique in my own eyes….I am the Summer fish and you’re the trout…

I’ve never felt so free in life and ready to take things I reckon from my perspective in one go….I am prepared now….If you have a perspective to share you’re most welcome, if you want to be judgmental you’re on the wrong page sweetheart….

I love playing with alphabets and words, cause I express my world best that ways…..Want me to express further? Well…. wait and Watch out…..I promise you I won’t disappoint…..

The Summer Fish Returns and she’s gonna love you like never before….. 😀

Wannabe !!

When u act carefree and break ur heel

Tremble while walking, still love how u feel

And then u say something as silly as u could

Look surprised at his laugh but u always knew he would

U shy off, fumble and look like a complete flop

He comes close, smiles and ur heart will pop

Then u look away and blush

Joey chuckles and u hush


When he is leaving, u suddenly remember

A business friend told u to get his number

U act all generous and give him urs too

Suddenly hold his hand n compliment his tattoo


He says Miley inspired it, but walked out of his life

U look all concerned, but wonder was she his wife

He sits down and tells u the story

U say ‘I understand’, no need to worry


He tells u, u r sweet

How sweet, anonymously u tweet

But that’s not enough, u have to tell it to ur girl gang

They had their stories and urs come in as a bang

U tell everyone, Oh it all happened by chance!

But actually u were dying for his one glance!


It’s nothing but attention u want my friend!

Ur thoughts and desires had a perfect blend!

But what are u trying to do?

U know u aren’t being true!

Who are u trying to be?

All this is just too wannabe!

What is all this for?

Is it what u want, u sure?


C’mon accept it, it’s not reality

U are acting every second without any clarity

U need to sit down and look into the mirror

face urself and realize it if u are clever

U will shiver and quiver and feel a chill

Let’s see how u tackle it and fight ur will


When u r finally embarrassed enough

I will tell u, what was the bluff

My love, It’s all in ur head

Think about it tonight on ur bed


What u want and what u make

What u get and what u take

All that u do or u don’t do

Is all waste if it makes u blue

Right or wrong, true or false

Does it really matter? Oh ballz!


U work, u earn, u care, u dare

U eat, u drink, u fight, u fare

Happiness is the word

U flutter like a bird

All u do is to get that joy

The ways u use are a lil coy

Life is in this moment, do what u want

If wrong makes u happy, right will only haunt


Let ur thoughts not be shabby

Coz u know what!

It’s okay to be ‘a wannabe happy’!

A Knock on the Dentist’s Door!!

Not all experiences in life are pleasant- this was the muffler of assurance I wore on that morning when a pain in my nascent wisdom tooth called for a visit to the dentist.

My dentist puffed me a little as to what a brave girl I was and smiled to say that he had hands of a prestidigator. Don’t worry, he’s not a tyro, I told myself.

He injected me with an anesthesia which made my head gyrate to the tune of “twinkle, twinkle little star.” Then he performed some silly antics with his hopefully sterilized instruments and got into a conversation with my brother who had accompanied me. I could see a queer smile in my brother’s eyes. Queer because it emanated from the joy of discovery that I would shut my mouth for a couple of hours.

The doctor then forwarded us to a compounder who was found to be in gross dereliction of his duties watching India- Sril lanka ODI. Expediently, I disturbed him by presenting the doctor’s prescription to which he reacted as if I had impinged on his right to cricket and entertainment. “is he crazy or is he really crazy”, so I thought.

Anyhow, he told me about one good I- ice cream and three bad P’s – porridge, pain and pain. I believe my wisdom tooth has brought me more pain than wisdom. A pain in the gum!!! which I’ll not forget till amnesia strikes me and I hope it soon does!!!

Cheers !! Soni 🙂

For today…and always…

Today let me see you one more time……who knows this might be the last……

Today let me listen to you one more time……and make me feel fresh as the morning dew….

Today let me do this one more deed that i always wanted to do…… but kept procrastinating…

Today let me take in this fragrance of yours… a breath for dear life……

Today let me see you smile like never before……..the one that makes me feel like childhood days…..

Today let me walk one last time on those lanes…..where my footprints will be remembered by those who trudge that lane after me……..

Today let me share this silence one last time with you…….it told me the things i’d always wanted to hear…..
Today let me dance one last time with you…….and feel alive like never before……

Today let me read your eyes one last time……the volumes it has to say with that one look of yours…..

Today let me watch the sun rise and set and feel mother nature like never before….

Today let me say goodbye…….only to know that we’l never part…..

Today let me try getting enough of all this and i know the feeling will be unparalled to Any….Ever……..

me n my thoughts