A mirror image?

I always say equations are fascinating and believe it or not at every phase in my life I rest my case- stronger each time. There HAVE already been many of them who have taught me different lessons in life, but this time, there were no lessons to be learnt! When we talk about twins, one aspect of the biological technicalities in a layman’s eye would be identical appearance! One correction I did learn a lesson, one doesn’t have to have a twin to be identical or look into the mirror to find their reflection! In life you sometimes come across certain individuals who amaze you with the innumerable similarities they have with you. Well I came across one such individual and boy was it a roller coaster ride when the two of us got to know that hell yeah we got a lot in common! and well I return to my theory as already established in my previous posts, that one needs to build on equations so unique that it becomes impossible to replace such people or remove them from any chapter in your life. There’s a magical world of realizations, ideologies, interests, music, in this case work ethics and each and every time am just fascinated by how much we can talk about! Nothing constructive half the time but the consolation is at the end of the day I made yet another good friend who can be dragged into my close circuit! And guess what that’s what happened when I met superman 🙂